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Terms of Use for the SINA Portal

Section 1 Object of the terms of participation and use

(1) secunet Security Networks AG (referred to as "secunet") provides a platform (referred to below as the "SINA CUSTOMER PORTAL") on; this platform can be used by registered participants who have been approved by secunet to call up information specific to their registration.

In the SINA CUSTOMER PORTAL the SINA FORUM offers a closed communication platform for SINA CUSTOMER PORTAL users. The SINA CUSTOMER PORTAL is administered and managed by secunet. The SINA FORUM aims to enable the partners responsible for SINA operations on the customer side to exchange experiences and information and to make customer requirements more transparent for secunet. Further information about the services can be found in the SINA CUSTOMER PORTAL description in section 5.

(2) These conditions for participation and use regulate the rights and obligations for the use of the SINA CUSTOMER PORTAL, including the SINA FORUM, by you as a correctly registered and approved participant or user.

(3) information about secunet can be found here

Section 2 Participants; registration and approval; blocking access

(1) In order to be able to use the services available on the SINA CUSTOMER PORTAL, you must first register and obtain secunet approval. secunet only permits registrations on the SINA CUSTOMER PORTAL that originate from employees of their SINA customers and only if the person registering is known to secunet as a contact on the customer side in the context of the SINA secure internet architecture. secunet decides whether to allow access to the SINA CUSTOMER PORTAL on an individual basis. Participation is not an automatic right. secunet is entitled to deny participation requests without providing any explanation.

(2) secunet is also entitled to block approved participants either permanently or temporarily at any time without providing any explanation. In particular, secunet will exclude participants if it becomes aware that they no longer work for its customer in the SINA area, if the relationship with the customer is terminated or if specific points of reference exist that indicate that they have breached these conditions for participation and use and/or relevant laws, or if secunet has some other justified interest in such a block. When deciding on a block, secunet shall take your justified interests into consideration.

Section 3 Responsibility for access data

(1) During the registration process you will be asked to enter a user name and password (access data). Once access has been approved and your confirmation has been received, you can use this data to log onto the SINA CUSTOMER PORTAL. It is your responsibility to ensure that the user name does not breach the rights of third parties, in particular name or trademark rights.

(2) You must keep the access data secret and should not make it available to third parties.

(3) It is also your responsibility to ensure that your access to the SINA Customer portal and the use of the services available there is restricted to you or the individuals authorised by you. If you have reason to fear that your access data has fallen or will fall into the hands of unauthorised third parties, you must notify secunet immediately.

Section 4 Description of the SINA CUSTOMER PORTAL with the SINA FORUM

(1) secunet offers you different services for temporary use on the SINA CUSTOMER PORTAL and the closed SINA FORUM. Examples of such services include the provision of data, contributions, information and other content (hereinafter referred to collectively as "content").

The content and scope of services depend on the functions currently available on the SINA CUSTOMER PORTAL or in the SINA FORUM.

(2) The SINA Customer PORTAL offers SINA-0specific information about the products, support, current developments and the relevant contacts at secunet.

(3) The SINA FORUM is a closed communication plat form for users of the SINA customer portal and also relates to different SINA-specific thematic areas. These can be supplemented with contributions from participants. These contributions cannot be placed directly and by the participants without intervention, but instead are checked and approved by the moderators before publication.

(4) secunet has the final decision on the contributions to be published and the duration for which they are to be published.

(5) The services are only available within the framework of the technical and operational options provided by secunet. As a rule, customer contributions should be conclusively processed within 48 hours. However, the corresponding customer requests are only available Monday to Friday between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. and not on public holidays in Germany. Requests will not be processed from 24 December to 1 January inclusive. However, secunet will make every effort to ensure its services are available without disruption where possible. However technical malfunctions (e.g. power failure, hardware and software errors, technical problems in the data line) may lead to temporary restrictions or disruptions.

Section 5 Changes to services

secunet is entitled to change the services provided in the SINA CUSTOMER PORTAL at any time and to stop the provision of services provided free of charge. secunet will take your justified interests into account in such cases.

Section 6 Protection of content, responsibility for third party content

(1) The content available in the SINA CUSTOMER PORTAL is mainly protected by copyright or other property rights. The compilation of the contents as such may be protected as a database or database values under the terms of Sections 4 (2) and 87a (1) German Copyright Act (UrhG). You may only use this content in accordance with these conditions for participation and use and within the framework specified in the SINA CUSTOMER PORTAL.

(2) Publications by participants in the SINA FORUM are the responsibility of the relevant participant in terms of compliance with the existing copyrights. As part of the checking and release of contributions, secunet simply performs a plausibility check in relation to possible third party rights, but does not check completeness, correctness or legality and thus accepts no responsibility and offers no guarantee regarding the completeness, correctness, legality and currency of the third party content. This also applies in relation to the quality of the third party content and its suitability for a particular purpose and also insofar as this involves third party content on linked external websites.

Section 7 Scope of permitted usage, monitoring of user activity

(1) Your user activity is limited to access to the SINA CUSTOMER PORTAL and the SINA FORUM and the use of the content and services available on the SINA CUSTOMER PORTAL or in the SINA FORUM as part of the regulation of these conditions for participation and use.

(2) You are responsible for establishing the technical requirements for the use of the services in line with the contract in your area of responsibility. secunet is under no obligation to provide advice in this context.

(3) secunet points out that your usage activities may be monitored to the extent permissible by law. This may also involve the logging of IP connection data and its evaluation where there is a specific suspicion of a breach of the existing conditions for participation and use and/or when there is a specific suspicion that some other illegal activity or criminal act may have taken place.

Section 8 Creating user profiles

(1) If available as a function on the SINA CUSTOMER PORTAL and in the SINA FORUM, you can organize your user profile according to your individual requirements within the existing conditions for participation and use. Please be sure to observe the restrictions contained in Section 11.

(2) As a rule, secunet does not check the identity of the profile owner or the information in the profiles. Thus secunet offers no guarantee that every profile owner is the person that the relevant profile owner claims to be.

Section 9 Your personal content settings

(1) If available as a function on the SINA CUSTOMER PORTAL or SINA FORUM, you may only set content in accordance with the following provisions, thus making it available for third parties.

(2) By setting content you allow secunet free and transferable user rights to the relevant within the framework of the SINA CUSTOMER PORTAL, in particular

- the right to save and publish the content on the secunet server and, in particular, to make it publicly available in the SINA FORUM,

- the right to edit and copy content insofar as this is necessary for the purpose storing and publishing the relevant content and

- the right to assign user rights for your content to third parties in line with Section 11.

You can send a message to the moderator at any time asking for your contribution to be deleted. secunet will accede to this request immediately. However secunet remains entitled to keep copies produced for backup and/or documentation purposes, as well as to produce a summary of the contribution to ensure the reproducibility of a discussion triggered in this way to the extent necessary without reference to the earlier author of the contribution and to publish this in the SINA CUSTOMER PORTAL. The user rights already assigned to the participants for the content you have set shall also remain unchanged.

(3) You will thus make a declaration and guarantee to secunet that you hold all rights to the content set by you on the portal and/or also have further entitlements (e.g. through effective permission from the rights holder) to set the contents on the portal and to ensure usage and exploitation rights according to the previous paragraph (2).

(4) secunet reserves the right to refuse to set content and/or to edit, block or delete already set contents without prior warning. However, secunet shall take your justified interests into consideration.

Section 10 User rights in relation to content available on the portal

(1) Insofar as these conditions for participation and use do not expressly permit further use on the portal or allow a corresponding functionality on the portal (e.g. download button),

- you are only permitted to call up and display the content available on the portal for the purposes of supporting SINA usage in your professional environment online with secunet SINA customers. These usage rights are restricted to the duration of your contracted participation on the portal.

- you are prohibited from processing, modifying, translating, displaying or demonstrating, publishing, exhibiting, copying or distributing the content available on the portal, either in full or in part. Likewise you are prohibited from removing or altering copyright notices, logos and other marks or protection notices.

(2) You are only entitled to download and print out content insofar as a download or print option is available as a function on the portal (e.g. by means of a download button).

You will be allowed the non-exclusive right to use the content you have downloaded or printed for the purposes described in paragraph 1 for an indefinite period of time. Otherwise all rights to the content shall remain with the original copyright holder.

(3) Your mandatory statutory rights (including reproduction for private and other personal use according to section 53 German Copyright Act (UrhG) shall remain unchanged.

Section 11 Prohibited activities

(1) The services available on the SINA CUSTOMER PORTAL are solely intended for your personal professional use. Any use for or in connection with additional commercial purposes is prohibited, unless such use on your part was expressly approved in advance in writing by secunet. Inadmissible commercial use includes, in particular

- all offers and advertisements for content, services and/or products and

- all electronic and other collection of identity and/or contact data (including e-mail addresses) belonging to participants (e.g. for the sending of unsolicited e-mails).

(2) You are prohibited from performing any activity on or in connection with the SINA CUSTOMER PORTAL that breaches current law, infringes third party rights or violates the principles of child protection.

(3) In addition, irrespective of a possible legal breach when arranging your own content on the SINA CUSTOMER PORTAL and when communicating with other participants (e.g. by sending personal messages or by participating in discussion forums), the following activities are prohibited:

- the spreading of viruses, Trojans and other harmful files;

- the sending of junk or spam e-mail;

- the spreading and/or public reproduction of content available on the portal, if you are not expressly permitted to do so by the copyright owner or if this function is not expressly provided on the SINA CUSTOMER PORTAL.

(4) If you become aware of any illegal or unauthorised use of the SINA CUSTOMER PORTAL that is contrary to the terms of the contract, please notify secunet immediately. secunet will then investigate the matter and take appropriate steps as necessary.

Section 12 Data protection

secunet's quality standards involve the responsible handling of the participants' personal data. The personal data derived from their registration on the SINA CUSTOMER PORTAL and the use of the available services is therefore only collected, stored and processed by secunet to the extent necessary in order to provide contracted services and permitted by statutory regulations or instructed by the legislators. secunet will treat your personal data as confidential and will handle in it in line with the provisions of the relevant data protection law and will not share it with third parties. More

Section 13 Liability

If you incur damage through the use of services provided free of charge on the SINA CUSTOMER PORTAL (including the call-off of content), secunet shall only accept liability insofar as the damage you incur has been sustained through the use of the free content and/or services according to contract and only in cases of intent (including malicious intent) and gross negligence on the part of secunet.

Section 14 Written form requirement

All declarations made in the context of participation in the SINA CUSTOMER PORTAL must be made in writing or by e-mail. The e-mail address is The postal address for secunet is Kronprinzenstra├če 30, 45128 Essen. Subject to changes to contact data. In the event of such a change, secunet will notify you accordingly.

Section 15 Severability clause

If a provision of these conditions for participation and use is or becomes invalid, this shall not affect the legality of the remaining provisions. You will immediately agree a valid provision with secunet to replace the invalid provision; this new provision shall reflect as closely as possible the original economic intent of the parties.

Section 16 Applicable law; Court of jurisdiction

These conditions for participation and use are subject to the laws of Germany exclude the provisions of the UN Convention of Contracts for the International Sales of Goods (CISG).

The sole court of jurisdiction for all rights and obligations arising from these conditions for participation and use is Essen. This agreement in relation to the court of jurisdiction shall not affect the right of the parties to apply to the competent courts for a temporary injunction as necessary.