The Portal for SINA Users

SINA (Secure Inter-Network Architecture) technology has been one of the standard encryption solutions in federal authorities, the Federal Armed Forces and international institutions for many years. Developed in cooperation with the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI), SINA enables secure processing, storage, transmission and verification of classified documents and sensitive data. The portfolio also now includes various encryption products such as SINA clients, gateways and line encryptors, SINA Workflow and SINA Management. 

The idea for the project originally came from the need for secure communication within local networks in the context of the government’s move from Bonn to Berlin. Furthermore, there was a general need for encryption at the Internet Protocol level suitable for classification and, with it, the prospect of deployment for secure communication via wide-area networks.

The product portfolio covers different gateways, line encryptors, clients and management systems which have been in use in the public sector, armed forces and companies handling classified information for many years. Selected SINA components are approved for processing and transmitting classified documents up to and including the classification levels SECRET, NATO SECRET and SECRET UE.

The SINA Customer Portal offers you the latest and comprehensive information and documentation about our SINA product line. At the same time, you keep in touch with your consultant and the customer support thru this portal.